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At Cloudability our public API is a first class citizen. As much as we know you love using our console, a well factored API can deliver and enable myriad use cases beyond even our imagination.
If you are a large public cloud user you'll find intelligent ways to automate scripting of repetitive tasks that would be impractical to manage manually at the scale you require. We also expect to see more machine to machine integrations where information is be shared between systems, augmenting important data sets and supporting the delivery of information to end users in a medium that works for them.

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Cost Sharing Endpoints


Every organization has a bucket of cloud costs that needs to be shared across departments. Cloudability’s Business Mapping can help you minimize the size of the shared costs bucket, the need to fully allocate shared costs remains. Cost Sharing allows you to create a bucket of shared costs, define allocation rules, allocate the shared costs based on the defined rules and then generate an exportable report. The Cost Sharing API endpoints can be used to set cost sharing (allocation or distribution) rules and retrieve the result. Learn more about Cost Sharing here.

Cost Sharing Endpoints

Cost Sharing Rule Setting Endpoints: /cost-sharing/rules
Cost Sharing Result Report Endpoints: /reporting/cost-sharing

Updated 10 months ago

Cost Sharing Endpoints

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