Containers Endpoints

API endpoints for provisioning clusters and retrieving Cloudability True Cost metrics around container cost allocation.

With the Container Cost Allocation tool in Cloudability, you can get visibility into shared resource usage and cost by Kubernetes Clusters, Namespaces, Services, and Labels.

With the public API, you can:

  1. Provision a new cluster for data collection.
  2. Return the YAML deployment for a provisioned cluster.
  3. Get a list of provisioned clusters for your organization, the date each cluster was provisioned, and a timestamp for the first and last date Cloudability received data for each cluster.
  4. Perform queries to allocate cost across one or more clusters, grouping by namespace, services, labels or other dimensions.
  5. Get usage of CPU, Memory, Network, and Filesystem by day for a filtered set of data.
  6. Get a list of Label Keys observed in a given timeframe for a filtered set of data.
  7. Return counts of distinct values for dimension keys for a given timeframe.

Learn more about the Cloudability Cost Allocation features in the Containers support documentation.

Containers Endpoints