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api/2/reporting/compare/enqueue report technical team has been notified

I enabled api key in my profile via Cloudability console. Then I get the subnet traffic report via below url, but I get error "technical team has been notified". The wired things the same url with my workmate api key worked well. Anything I missed? FYI, when i enable API key, there is a public and private key, I use the private key for the value of auth_token. https://app.cloudability.com/api/2/reporting/compare/enqueue?viewId=0&end_date=2021-07-16&order=desc&relative_period=custom&sort_by=inbound_bandwidth&start_date=2021-06-16&metrics&auth_token=<my api key>

May I use code to call api to get report?

our company is trying to generate a report about our aws subnet traffic for each account. Does cloudability api support that users could use python or other programming language to generate report through api?

how to authenticate cloudability api when sso login is used?

https://developers.cloudability.com/docs#our-examples has documented how to authenticate a cloudability api call using the api key and password. In our case, we are automatically logged into the cloudability using sso without a password. how can we use cloudability api in this case?

How to identify which views are not needed by users or we can how to identify orphan views?

How to get costs lower than 1 cent

I'm using api/1/reporting/cost/ endpoint to get a detailed daily view of the costs and found several entries in the report with 0.00 value (unblended_cost). However if I sum all the entries I get a number slightly lower than the one shown if the report would aggregate everything instead of the detail. How can I configure to get more decimals in the cost field? Thanks

422 error: Unprocessable entity

I'm trying to call the cost-sharing endpoint /internal/reporting/cost-sharing (without metric parameter) for the date range of 1st May to 18th May 2020 but I am receiving the error - Endpoint does not support views. I wasn't able to find anything related to this error message or code in the documentation. Any leads will be appreciated.

Disbursement Code Endpoint

Hello, I was curious if there is a way to get all resources that are tied to a disbursement code?

Unable to remove a user from a view?

I have a test view that I created, after creating it I shared it with another user. Then, I tried to remove that user from that same view and the GUI (on the website console) appears to succeed, but when I reload the page and look at that view, the user that I just removed is still there? I have also tried to perform this operation programatically with the REST API endpoint and that also did not remove the user from the view? I am an administrator for our organization, so I would have expected that I could remove users that I just added? Can you help me understand this problem? Is it a bug, or is there something I am not doing correctly or understanding correctly? thanks,

Tag mapping endpoint

there are a couple issues around this. 1 in the view (filters) endpoint some of the filtersets include tag information (not the account group) 2 in the view endpoint creating a filter about a tag requires a tag-index in to the tags that are mapped please provide a timeline for when this will be delivered

Error with User Creation in API

I'm trying to create a new user and assign it a view via Users API and getting a 500 error back. Am I doing something wrong? Calling a POST to https://app.cloudability.com/api/1/users/?auth_token=MYAPIKEY with this payload: { "user": { "full_name": "USER FULL NAME", "role": "User", "email": "[email protected]", "restricted": true, "new_shared_dimension_filter_set_ids": [], "default_dimension_filter_set_id": 12345, "unshare_existing_dimension_filter_sets": true } } It's returning this to me and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong: {"error":"An unexpected error occurred. Our technical team has been notified."} Thanks

Are all V1 endpoints are supported in V3?

Are all of the V1 endpoints are supported in V3? Or Can I get similar data/parameters from V3 which were obtaining from V1?

v1 API functionality in v3?

I like the v3 API because it's more secure than posting my uncoded API key in the request url, but I want to be able to access the full set of instances from AWS as with the v1 /reporting/cost endpoints. Is there any way to access the full set of instances using the v3 API?

User last login date?

How do i get a list of when each user last logged in and what view they used?