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How to authenticate to delete a user?

How to authenticate to delete a user?

I am wondering how to authenticate so that I may delete a user as described here?

I've tried to authenticate with instructions found here, using my userid and password (since I'm an admin in my organization, I would have assumed that I could use my own user credentials to do this)?

I've used this URL endpoint but it returns a 400 error?:

Sample request:

POST /service/nonuilogin HTTP/1.1
Host: frontdoor.apptio.com
Content-Type: application/json
"ping_uname": "[email protected]",
"ping_pwd": "Password"

What username / account credentials should I be using? Is it my cloudability admin account credentials or something else?
example error:
"error": "Unable to log in user. Validate that the username/password are valid",
"substitutions": []